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Get a Cash Offer for Your Land
Tell Us About Your Land

Are you negotiable on your offer price?
Our answer is...sometimes. We have to be careful about the investments we make as a business. If you can provide additional information that will help us revise our offer, we'll happily reconsider our offer price. We have to make decisions about price that make sense for our business model, and we do our best to pay you as much as we possibly can to make the deal still work. 

If you are only interested in full retail value for the property, we are not the best option for you. To receive top value, you will need to contact your local real estate agent who will market the property for you, and wait for the right buyer to come along. 

Land takes longer to sell at retail prices. Where-as we close quickly, and conveniently. So would you rather have cash in hand or that piece of land?
Are you really able to buy my property with cash?
We use the industry standard term "cash", but you will get paid through a title/attorney/escrow company that will handle the paperwork and payment for the transaction. They will arrange to pay you directly by wire transfer, check, or cashier's check (according to your preference) when the transaction closes. 

So you will not be paid with physical cash, but instead by your choice of payment via the title company on the scheduled closing date. 
Can I sell the property As-Is?
Yes,  you will be selling us the property as-is. We do ask that you provide us any information you have about the property.

As a part of the closing process, we ask all buyers a short list of questions (Property Disclosure Form). We understand that some owners have no knowledge about the property and that is just fine. We do a physical inspection along with aerial photographs during the due diligence process. 

We never ask any land owners to do any work to the property before the sale is completed. We understand that we're buying the property as it is in its current state. 
How do I accept the offer I received for my property?
The best way is to sign the purchase agreement and send us a copy by email, text, or mail. We can also send you a copy of the agreement to your email for you to sign electronically. 

It is a good idea to give us a call, or send us an email notifying us that you are accepting the offer so we know that a signed purchase agreement is inbound.

If you have any questions about the offer, give us a call or email so we can discuss the deal in further detail. 
How fast can you close?
We close as soon as the paperwork can be completed.

This is usually 14-30 days. We ALWAYS use a closing attorney or a title company to coordinate the transaction. This is a neutral third parter that protects both the seller (you) and the buyer (us).

Occasionally the closing takes longer than 30 days to complete the title search and gather the necessary title documents. The closing attorneys and title companies we work with know that we want to close as quickly as possible. 

We are ready to close the deal as soon as the transaction paperwork is ready. 
I've never been to the land. Will you still buy it?
Yes we will buy your property if you have never been to the land or know anything about it. This is surprisingly common.

We do all of our own research during the due diligence process and will find out everything we need to know during that period.

There is no need for you to provide any specific information to us about the property, as we can figure out most everything on our own. We take care of it all. 
I own other properties in addition to the one you are interested in. Will you consider buying them as well?
Yes, we are interested in buying other properties that you own, as this is something we come across during our outreach efforts and love when this happens. Please sned us information about these properties via phone, email, or text (your preferred communication method). Once we have the details we'll get back to you with an offer for your other parcels of land. 

We buy as many properties as we can in your area (we will consider it even if it's far away). If you own multiple properties and are eager to sell, let's talk and see if we can put together a deal to purchase them all at once. 
Is Polyvest Properties a legitimate business?
Polyvest Properties is a legitimate business. We purchase vacant land all over the U.S.

Our approach to reaching out to land owners may feel unconventional, we are real estate professionals that focus on vacant land. We are a team of professionals that take pride in being an ethical company treating our teammates and customers with respect and compassion. 

We close all of our purchases through title companies and attorneys to protect all parties involved. 

We are a legitimate company with the goal of being a fast and easy solution to sell your land and get cash in hand. 
Polyvest Properties

Polyvest Properties is America's premiere buyer of vacant land. We provide land owners convenience by paying cash and closing quickly. We strive to be the easiest buyer you will ever work with. 

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