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Welcome to Polyvest Properties

We're a real estate investment company buying vacant land across the United States. We are committed to assisting property owners sell their property quickly, and conveniently.

We are able to purchase within days or weeks (depending on the property), and we always go through a closing attorney/title company. 

About the Company

The Closing Process

Seller (you) Signs Purchase Agreement & Fills Out Property Disclosure Document

Buyer (Polyvest Properties) Sign's Purchase Agreement & Sends it to Closing Attorney / Title Company

Title Policy is taken out & Title Search is conducted by Title Company

Title Search documents are reviewed and a closing date is scheduled

Seller (you) sign's the deed and receive's funds on the closing date

Contract Signature
Law Office
Polyvest Properties

Polyvest Properties is America's premiere buyer of vacant land. We provide land owners convenience by paying cash and closing quickly. We strive to be the easiest buyer you will ever work with. 

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